Installation Overview

Duradek is only installed by authorized dealers who have been trained in the manufacturer's installation techniques. Duradek is fully adhered to the substrate, seams are overlapped 3/4" and heat-welded, and all perimeters are mechanically fastened.

Surface Preparation

Duradek needs a smooth, structurally-sound surface for installation. Filler is applied to gaps, voids, and cracks. Any imperfections on the substrate surface may show though the Duradek. Please review the manufacturer's substrate requirements for more information on preparing the best surface on which to apply Duradek.

Layout & Gluing

The technology for installing Duradek blends methods used for membrane roofing and vinyl flooring. Your layout depends on the width of the material, plus other factors such as the direction of the slope. Duradek is fully-adhered to the substrate. Only Duradek's specially engineered and "pH" balanced adhesives are to be used. In fact, the Duradek warranty requires proof of purchase of Duradek's adhesive to be eligible for coverage.

Seaming & Detailing

To create a solid waterproof surface, seams are overlapped 3/4" and fused together in a waterproof manner using a hot air heat welder. Special attention must be given anywhere vertical and horizontal surfaces intersect. Inside and outside corners, upturns where the deck meets the wall, where rail posts meet the deck, and vent pipes are all potential areas for water leaks. Details can be viewed at the manufacturer's website under Bim and CAD drawings.

Perimeter Fastening

Perimeter fastening is critical for maintaining system integrity. A termination bar is typically used on inside perimeters. Outside perimeters are usually secured onto drip edge with a PVC Clip.


From proper surface preparation, to heat-welding, to proven detailing techniques, each step is an integral part of a complete waterproof system. All of our authorized dealers are trained in the techniques necessary to provide their customers with long-term walkable waterproofing. For further information, please call us at 1-800-403-3286 or e-mail us at

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