Discover the Duradek Difference – Supervisory Training & Support

Supervisory Training

As many in the industry already know, Duradek requires all contractors who wish to install Duradek to undergo installation training prior to being able to purchase and install Duradek. Once trained, a contractor becomes part of our network of Authorized Duradek Dealers. Our goal in requiring this training is to ensure that our time-tested and proven installation techniques are passed along to the installers which translates into quality workmanship and the added success that Duradek has had since 1974.

What some may not know is that in addition to installation training we now also offer Supervisory Training to GMs, Superintendents and Project Managers who will oversee the installation of Duradek on up-and-coming building projects. This is just another step we take here at Duradek MidAtlantic to ensure a successful Duradek installation, from start to finish.

There are many benefits of having trained Supervisors in addition to trained installers. Here’s just a few:

  • Extra set(s) of eyes – The more familiar the Supervisors are with the application process the less chance there will be for mistakes and oversights.
  • Better communication – When the Supervisors and installers are on the same page this will allow for a much more efficient and productive jobsite.
  • Fewer Headaches – When the project is Supervised and installed by Trained Personnel it will bypass the “he-said” – “she-said” and streamline the project to the ultimate goal: A properly installed, fully warranted and long lasting Duradek that will ensure happy home-owners for many years to come.

Pre-Planning To Construction

We all know that taking time to plan ahead in order to prevent avoidable issues is always good practice. Planning ahead is especially critical today, as the entire global economy and workforce has been drastically affected by the pandemic. In many industries, the availability and cost of construction materials has been unpredictable (to say the least), which in turn affects deadlines and creates delays. Weather is another factor that can have a huge effect on the timing and outcome of a project. Regardless of any possible hiccup in the construction process, whether foreseen or unforeseen, the more prepared you are in advance the better you will be. Our philosophy here at Duradek MidAtlantic is that the more educated everyone involved in the process of Duradek installation is, the better. This way, when the project is finally ready to go it can be produced as quickly, efficiently and problem-free as possible.


In addition to encouraging and providing training to Supervisory Personnel, we also offer support beyond the classroom. This includes consultation via phone and email, as well as on-site assistance if necessary. While we cover as many bases as we can during training, the reality is that there will often be new and challenging scenarios and details out in the field. In these cases, we encourage both our trained Duradek Dealers and Supervisory Personnel to reach out to us for support and assistance. Making sure that the project is done in accordance with Duradek specifications prior to installation will prevent production issues, and result in a Duradek installation that will be fully backed by the Duradek “Ultra” 15 Year Membrane Warranty as well as the installer’s workmanship warranty.

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