Discover the Duradek Difference: Walkable, Waterproof, and Easy to Enjoy

Duradek Comparison Chart

There are several products on the market today used in surfacing a deck.  For a typical deck, wood, composites, and concrete are the common options, and EPDM or TPO are often found on decks constructed over a living space. We will explore what sets Duradek apart from these other options by looking at maintenance, installation, waterproofing, walkability and other advantages.


For many years, deck maintenance has been associated with painting and staining, replacing deck boards, repairing spalling concrete, and this on top of the general cleaning that all decks require. With composites now on the market, the need to paint or stain may be alleviated, but they are still susceptible to scratches and gouges which are difficult to repair without replacing the individual deck boards and, depending on the composite, are susceptible to mold growth and staining.  Duradek is a low maintenance option that does not require any coating or additional steps other than cleaning two to four times per year.  Duradek’s surface is resistant to damage and can be spot repaired.

Enjoying a Duradek Deck
Duradek – ready to enjoy immediately & easy to maintain


Concrete can take up to 90 days to cure and certainly would not be an option if time is of the essence.  Wood, once installed, ideally needs a coating to protect it, and coatings require dry lumber and dry conditions adding additional time before you can fully enjoy your new deck.  Unlike wood, composites do not require a coating and are ready to use.  Like composites, Duradek once installed can be used immediately avoiding an additional curing or coating process and a delay in full enjoyment of your deck.


Rotted deck boards
Rotted deck boards

Concrete, wood, and composites do not provide any waterproofing without adding an additional waterproof system.  With wood and composites, water drips through providing no protection for the structure or the space below.  Both wood and concrete left to the elements can experience detrimental effects to the system.  Wood can warp, shrink, split, and eventually rot.  Concrete can crack and spall and is not waterproof allowing water to penetrate the slab and reach the reinforcing steel jeopardizing the integrity of the entire structure.  Duradek is 100% waterproof and approved as a roof membrane. Not only does the area under the Duradek remain dry, but the entire structure below is thoroughly protected from the elements.


EPDM with deck board overlay
EPDM with deck board overlay

Though not waterproof, wood, composites, and concrete are suitable walk surfaces. EPDM and TPO are not. Both are designed and approved for waterproofing low sloping roofs but not for use as deck surfaces.  They do not have a slip resistant texture nor are they designed or suitable as outdoor surfaces for tables, chairs or even to walk on.  To make them pedestrian friendly, another surface like deck boards or pavers must be installed on top.  This significantly increases the cost as well as maintenance concerns. If the EPDM or TPO is ever damaged and leaks, finding the leak may require removing the entire walk surface. Duradek on the other hand is both slip resistant and approved as a walk surface.  It is treated the same way as a vinyl floor in a kitchen.  Tables and chairs are no problem.  Fido’s paws are no problem.

Other Advantages

Deteriorating composite deck boards
Deteriorating composite deck boards

Duradek has other benefits as well.  Even if a deck is not over a finished area, the dry space below adds an additional storage area. Because of its elastic nature, Duradek moves with the building and will not crack like concrete, split like wood or bend and warp like composites.  Unlike composites that are relatively new to the market and still going through some growing pains with several product failures, Duradek has been around since 1974 and stood the test of time.

In Summary

Duradek’s low maintenance is an attractive alternative to wood and concrete. Once applied Duradek can be used immediately and provides both a waterproof and walkable surface in one product that none of these other products provide.  Time-tested dependability makes it a secure alternative to composites.  Duradek provides the all-around best option for your decking needs.  For more information, please contact us with your questions or to obtain literature on Duradek.

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