Discover the Duradek Difference: Walkable, Waterproof, and Easy to Enjoy

Duradek Comparison Chart

There are several products on the market today used in surfacing a deck.  For a typical deck, wood, composites, and concrete are the common options, and EPDM or TPO are often found on decks constructed over a living space. We will explore what sets Duradek apart from these other options by looking at maintenance, installation, waterproofing, walkability and other advantages.


For many years, deck maintenance has been associated with painting and staining, replacing deck boards, repairing spalling concrete, and this on top of the general cleaning that all decks require. With composites now on the market, the need to paint or stain may be alleviated, but they are still susceptible to scratches and gouges which are difficult to repair without replacing the individual deck boards and, depending on the composite, are susceptible to mold growth and staining.  Duradek is a low maintenance option that does not require any coating or additional steps other than cleaning two to four times per year.  Duradek

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