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Why choose Duradek? As with any significant purchase, a smart shopper wants to know they are getting the best product to serve their needs.  Once you have decided to go with outdoor vinyl flooring for your roof deck, you want the best, but with several selections to choose from, how do you decide which is the best?  There are several criteria you can review and compare to make that determination – reputation of the manufacturer, warranty, technical and customer support, testing and approvals, and color selection.

Reputation of the Manufacturer

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Duradek has established itself as the premier waterproof outdoor vinyl flooring and roof membrane in one. In 1974, from an idea sparked by two brothers, Duradek was born. As a pioneer of the vinyl decking industry, it has set the standard that competitors have sought to follow by its ongoing testing and third-party quality control.  Duradek prides itself not so much on selling its product as educating the consumer that Duradek is their best choice.  Its long history and lasting market prominence are proofs of that philosophy.


Duradek 15-Year Warranty
15-Year Duradek Warranty

As with any legal document, read carefully. Duradek offers a 3-tiered warranty with provisions for waterproofing, appearance and workmanship that stands above their competitors.

  • Duradek’s waterproofing warranty protects the homeowner from any leaks resulting from a manufacturing defect for a duration of 15 years from the date of installation. This warranty is not pro-rated as many of its competitors are.
  • Duradek is one of the only vinyl decking companies to offer a written Appearance Warranty for 5 years on our Ultra 60 mil membrane.
  • Duradek’s authorized dealers who have been factory trained assign a workmanship warranty to their work.

Technical Support

Heat welding Duradek
Heat welding the Duradek

Duradek can only be purchased and installed by an authorized Duradek Dealer.  These companies have been trained in Duradek’s proven detailing and heat welding techniques necessary for both a waterproof and aesthetically pleasing result.  Duradek has stood by its belief that their product should only be installed by trained contractors. DIY is a common method today, but when waterproofing is so important to the overall integrity of your home, prudence dictates someone trained in these skills would be better suited to the task.

Customer Support

If a problem should arise, who do you call? The manufacturer is often the initial go to for problems, but a local representative is better suited to give you the personal attention needed to address your needs.  As the manufacturer’s local representatives, Duradek’s distributors can help ameliorate concerns and mediate between you and your installation company to develop a mutually acceptable plan to resolve any issues.

Testing and Approvals

Testing is the hallmark of Duradek’s dedication to the industry and to its customers.  Duradek continually tests and retests their products.  Duradek Ultra has met the criteria as a Pedestrian Traffic Membrane, Thermoplastic Membrane Roofing, and Polyvinyl-chloride Roofing as shown in ICC-ES Evaluation Report – ESR 2151.  Duradek is monitored by QAI, a third-party quality assurance program that verifies Duradek’s continued compliance as required by the ICC Evaluation Service. 

Duradek tests not only its products but its competitors to determine quality and longevity.  Their goal is to protect the industry from unproven technologies that fail and could tarnish the reputation of the whole industry.  For example, a clear coat was added by some competitors to try to protect against scuff marks. In an  Accelerated Weather Comparison test, this technology failed. The products themselves were ultimately pulled off the market.

Color Selection

No doubt you will want to invite your friends to enjoy your new rooftop deck with you, so you want the look that accents your décor and expresses your personality. With over 20 different colors to choose from, Duradek offers a selection of colors and patterns to satisfy even the most discerning tastes. Actual color swatches are available from your installer or local distributor and are strongly recommended for final color selection. Still can’t decide? Tryout the Duradek Dek-Vision tool to help imagine the possibilities.


In your search for the ideal roof deck, remember to ask questions and research thoroughly.  You are not simply buying a deck to expand your outdoor living space but also a roof that will need to protect you and your home for years to come.  Use this helpful checklist to get started. Happy shopping!!

For more information or for a list of local Duradek installers, please contact Duradek MidAtlantic.

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