Best Practices For Long-Term Enjoyment Of Your Duradek Outdoor Vinyl Flooring

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Duradek is a roofing-approved outdoor vinyl flooring that has been waterproofing rooftop decks and balconies since 1974.  With a little care, your Duradek surface will remain waterproof for 15+ years.  Please follow these guidelines to ensure a long life for your Duradek surface.


Your Duradek is not only a walking surface, but also your roofing membrane.  While it is relatively difficult to accidentally damage the membrane to the point of needing repair, any cuts, punctures, or other damage must be repaired as soon as possible to avoid further damage. Repairs must be performed by an Authorized Duradek Installer to maintain the warranty.  Finally, never use silicone or asphalt-based products on Duradek as they are incompatible and can lead to staining and/or improper sealing.

The general guideline is to think of your Duradek like you would a vinyl kitchen floor and use common sense. 

  • Furniture placed on the surface should not have sharp edges
  • Use felt or plastic pads on furniture so that the surface isn’t damaged when items are moved
  • Do not drag objects across the surface to avoid scuffing
  • Most surface scuff marks can be removed with a white or rubber gum eraser
  • Metal objects that rust should not be left on the Duradek surface as rust can leave a permanent stain
  • Using a grill on your Duradek surface is fine, but a mat is recommended under charcoal grills
  • Don’t set the hot lid of your charcoal grill on the Duradek
  • Walking on your Duradek surface in high heels or allowing your pets on the Duradek will not be a problem. Cleaning up pet messes on Duradek is quick and easy.
  • Sweep off leaves regularly whose tannins can stain many surfaces including Duradek
  • Snow can be removed from the Duradek surface with a plastic snow shovel (no sharp metal edges) taking care not to damage the surface or seams
  • Salt, sand, or kitty litter can be spread on the Duradek surface in the case of ice, but be sure to thoroughly clean and rinse the surface once the ice has melted to remove residue

While Duradek does not require maintenance such as sanding and staining like wood, regular inspection and cleaning should be carried out for the best long-term performance of your waterproof deck. Detailed information is on Duradek’s website and can be found below:

Regular Inspection

  • Thoroughly inspect your Duradek at least annually and look for any damage, loose seams or edges, discoloration, or other possible defects. If you notice any issues, call your local Authorized Duradek Dealer or Duradek MidAtlantic immediately for assessment and repair.
  • When properly installed and integrated into your home’s exterior, any caulk that is used as insurance in areas that are counter-flashed shouldn’t be visible and won’t require reapplication. However, if your job conditions called for caulk that is exposed, you must inspect and replace as needed especially in the case of surface mounted railing posts. Any necessary caulking is only covered for 1 year after installation and is the responsibility of the homeowner after that.


  • Like any outdoor surface, Duradek will get dirty just from environmental material and contaminants. Best practice is to not let dirt and debris, such as leaves, accumulate on the surface by removing them as soon as possible and cleaning your Duradek four times per year (or more if necessary).
  • The best method for cleaning is to spray or mop on a mild detergent solution over the entire surface. Allow the solution to sit on the surface, keeping it wet, for 10-20 minutes to loosen dirt. You can then either agitate with a medium bristle brush or use a pressure washer (1500 psi max 12” from surface) to remove the dirt and debris. Always ensure that you have thoroughly rinsed away all detergent with clean water before allowing the surface to dry.
Applying the detergent to Duradek
Using a garden sprayer to apply the detergent solution makes it very easy
  • The best detergent to use is Duradek Cleaner that is environmentally safe and specifically designed for vinyl surfaces. Call Duradek MidAtlantic at 800-403-3286 to order or it can be purchased through Amazon.
  • Other detergents have been used with great success such as Simple Green or Tide Powder. If using something other than Duradek Cleaner, always test it on an inconspicuous area for damage or discoloration before using on the entire deck.
  • Pressure washers can be used on Duradek as long as the maximum PSI is 1500 and the tip is held 12” from the surface.
  • It is safe to use bleach on Duradek for tough cleaning such as if mold is present. Bleach methods that have worked the best include using Clorox Outdoor Bleach diluted 6:1 employing the application method described above as described in TechTalk 168. Another solution that will work is using Mold Armor EZ-House Wash that is bleach-based. This solution is a spray on rinse off method per their directions.

Anytime you have any questions or concerns regarding the proper care of your Duradek, trust the experts and contact your Authorized Installer or us here at Duradek MidAtlantic. We hope you have decades of enjoyment using your new waterproof outdoor living space from Duradek.

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