Discover the Duradek Difference – Supervisory Training & Support

Supervisory Training

As many in the industry already know, Duradek requires all contractors who wish to install Duradek to undergo installation training prior to being able to purchase and install Duradek. Once trained, a contractor becomes part of our network of Authorized Duradek Dealers. Our goal in requiring this training is to ensure that our time-tested and proven installation techniques are passed along to the installers which translates into quality workmanship and the added success that Duradek has had since 1974.

What some may not know is that in addition to installation training we now also offer Supervisory Training to GMs, Superintendents and Project Managers who will oversee the installation of Duradek on up-and-coming building projects. This is just another step we take here at Duradek MidAtlantic to ensure a successful Duradek installation, from start to finish.

There are many benefits of having trained Supervisors in addition to trained installers. Here


Spring has arrived and we are beginning to see the anticipated influx of Duradek installations, as we do each year. Many of these projects are renovations to existing homes and buildings, but we are also seeing an ever-increasing number of new construction projects specifying Duradek. Regardless of the size or scope of the project, Duradek has everyone covered for many years to come. That brings us to this month

Discover the Duradek Difference: Walkable, Waterproof, and Easy to Enjoy

Duradek Comparison Chart

There are several products on the market today used in surfacing a deck.  For a typical deck, wood, composites, and concrete are the common options, and EPDM or TPO are often found on decks constructed over a living space. We will explore what sets Duradek apart from these other options by looking at maintenance, installation, waterproofing, walkability and other advantages.

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Discover the Duradek Difference: Why Choose Duradek

Deck with Driftwood
Courtesy of Delmarva Roofing & Coating

Why choose Duradek? As with any significant purchase, a smart shopper wants to know they are getting the best product to serve their needs.  Once you have decided to go with outdoor vinyl flooring for your roof deck, you want the best, but with several selections to choose from, how do you decide which is the best?  There are several criteria you can review and compare to make that determination

Why Should Your Duradek Applicator Install Your Railings Too?

Durarail Welded Picket Rail on Roofdeck

Improperly detailed railing penetrations are the leading cause of leaks on Duradek projects. These leaks are almost always due to the railing system being installed by a contractor who is not familiar with the proper materials or techniques needed to prevent water intrusion at the railing attachment point. Not only will leaks like this cause significant water damage, they are also not covered by Duradek’s material warranty.

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