Duradek & Durarail throughout the MidAtlantic region

Checklist Help

The following information will assist you with completing the railing checklist.


Colors may not be exact representation. Please check color rings for exact color.

White Beige Black Evergreen Grey Rideau Brown Sandalwood Oyster Grey

Top Rail Profile

Excell Square Top Rail
(Top Rail Comes Attached)

Excell Round Top Rail
(Top Rail Comes Attached)

Square Top Rail Round Top Rail

Durarail Square Top Rail
(Top Rail Comes Separate)

Durarail Round Top Rail
(Top Rail Comes Separate)

Square Top Rail Round Top Rail

Rail Height

Our standard rail heights are 36" AFF or 42" AFF. These represent the finished height of the railing (from the surface of the deck to the top of the top rail). Please check local building codes for height requirements in your area. Stair railing comes 36" AFF unless otherwise requested. Other heights may be custom ordered.

Rail Style

Welded Picket Style #1

Component Glass

Welded Picket Railing Component Glass Railing

(View our catalog for additional styles and photos)

Post Style

Surface Mount

Fascia Mount

Surface Mounted Railing Fascia Mounted Railing

Post Size

1.72" post
(w/continuous top rail - only available with the Durarail top rails)

2 1/2" post

1-5/8" post 2-1/2" post

Bottom Rail to Post Fastening Detail

Rail Clip

Bottom Sleeve Mount

(hidden fastener for a cleaner look)

(typically used as stair mounts and when connecting into walls or columns)

rail clip bottom sleeve mount
rail clip bottom sleeve mount

Detail at Wall and/or Existing Column(s):

Top/Bottom Wall Mounts

Post & End Cap

Post & Top Wall Mount

Top & Bottom Wall Mounts Post and End Cap Post and Top Wall Mount

Stair Details

Stair Angle

Use a universal protractor(available at most hardware stores) to determine your stair angle.


1. Lay a straightedge across a minimum of 3 stair nosings

2. Put your universal protractor on the straightedge

3. Record the angle


-The more stair nosings you put your straightedge across the more accurate your angle will be

-If you have a long run of stairs, measure the stair angle at 2 or 3 places along your run to confirm that your angle is constant along the full set of stairs

Stair Rake

To determine the stair rake, measure the diagonal distance from the nose of the top stair to the nose of the bottom stair.


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